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her outfit is totally bunk

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Welcome! [Nov. 24th, 2004|09:27 pm]
her outfit is totally bunk



hey, today i have made a community those who are ready for something funnier and more interesting  than whats out there, anyone is welcome to fill out the application, and we hope to be reading your application soon!


Finally a community for fun, crazy interesting people!

This community is for those who are lovely enough to be in it... wanna be a part? 

fill out this application, and if we like you , you're in ... good luck =]



Tell me about yourself (make it interesting):

Where are you from?


girlie or guy?

do you like shopping?

name some of your favorite designers/stores

favorite movie ?

what type of music do u like?

humor me, tell me something funny :

so how do you feel about religion?



Do you consider yourself intelligent?

Do you like to party?

Name something crazy/funny/stupid u did when you were drunk: 

Pick one; shots, beer, or cocktails?

Shouldn't all boy bands be damned to hell?

Favorite show?

Favorite food?

Do you have guilt?

Do you like trouble?

Any morals?

Give us your views on one political issue :



now ... post a picture of yourself, one normal and if possible post a funny one of yourself  as well (we like people with a sense of humor)


and remember, being part of a community includes promoting it !